My experience with Herbert Ellis's office was nothing but positive!! From the first phone call they made me feel so comfortable.I felt like they would represent me just like I was a member of their family and they did!

- Sherri

Recently my friend had a legal issue for the first time in years!! I am quoting him for his words are so pure I feel that they should be shared with everyone and anyone.” I not one to normally praise or gloat but in regards to Mr. Herb Ellis I feel compelled to. There are words but then there are words from the heart which is where this writing is coming from. I have known Mr. Ellis for 15 years and when I say you can’t find a man who is more pure of heart, sweet, kind, caring and respectful it is true. He not only cares about just your case but your well being, about the outcome of your case, your health and your life. He wants the best possible outcome for you and your family that has little to no impact on the long haul. I never met a more knowledgeable, smart, loving, caring warm hearted individual that made me feel like no matter what happens I shall be ok. For when you have Mr. Ellis on your side he is devoted to helping you in any way possible and feels as if their is an angel on your shoulder. I had literally everything that was near and dear to me, that I worked all my life for fall apart on top of me so I broke down in tears. I could not eat or sleep and was shaking worse than a leaf. From the very moment I was in his presence there was a soothing feeling like a wave that made me stop crying and smile immediately. Not to pry but I believe he holds dear and takes honor, integrity, ethics and morals to a new level with every word or action. He is not just my lawyer but a dear friend that is someone I want in my life till the end. One day if I can aspire to be half the person Mr. Ellis is I would be elated. For this world shall be better off having more people like himself, that share similar beliefs. I am the lucky one to have him not just for my defense, but as a friend, and a part of my life in any capacity.”

- Alana C.

I was looking for personal injury attorney for my friend in freehold. He got in a bad car accident and was looking for a good lawyer who can take the case on his behalf. I found Herbert Ellis, the most nicest person I spoke with. He was very understanding, very professional, I was very glad I found Mr Ellis I know he will get results for my friend.

- Gary P.

We have known Mr Ellis for over 15 yrs now and he is the best attorney and treats his clients like family. Would highly recommend him for any legal matters. He gets settlements in record time. He never gives up.

- John J.

This man is a saint. A great man never forgets you and he really is on your side! I was facing 5 years for a third offense with a probation violation on top, but he convinced the judge for two years probation! Treated and protected me like family, eternally grateful!!

- William K.

MR.Ellis has helped my parents for a number of years.I will recommend everyone to him who has a legal problem.During the time I have known Mr.Ellis, he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in his field. I have enormous respect for his great work and skills, and have been pleased every time he has worked for me.

- Paul T.