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Bayonne NJ Personal Injury Lawyers

Bayonne is home to the Bayonne Bridge, which is the fifth-longest steel arch bridge in the entire world. The bridge spans the Kill Van Kull connecting Bayonne, New Jersey with Staten Island, New York. The Bayonne Bridge carries 4,500 vehicles per day, but is still more lightly trafficked than any other Port Authority crossing. If you’ve been injured while driving in Bayonne, our accident attorneys Ellis Law are ready to fight for you. We offer a free consultation when you come in to discuss your case. Call us today at 888-355-4752.

As with any bridge, the Bayonne bridge can become congested due to the toll booths, which causes back-up while people wait to pay. To avoid this, you should get an EZ Pass, which will allow you to get through faster and you won’t have to wait for people to pay.

You should also choose your travel times, especially if you’re traveling outside New York City and New Jersey. Try to avoid rush hours (5-8 A.M. and 4-7 P.M. generally) so that way you don’t have to face traffic when you’re on the bridge. If you are outside the area, enjoy Bayonne, New York City, and wherever else you may be traveling!

Driving Near Construction Zones in Bayonne NJ

Construction zones can present a deadly hazard for drivers during their commute. Traffic can get congested around traffic zones, which leads to widespread stress for drivers who are trying to get to work.

Construction zones are also known as ‘Cone Zones,’ the portions of the highways that are marked by cones, barrels, and other signs where road construction is taking place. Certain work zones are marked by a speed-monitoring device that serves to alert motorists of their speed prior to entering the work zone. Despite the specific instructions by these devices for drivers to slow down, many drivers still speed up in order to get through the construction area quicker, which can cause an accident.

The main causes of accidents at construction zones include:

  • Speeding traffic
  • Careless drivers who don’t pay attention to work zone signs when they should be
  • Not enough sign posting and drivers failing to notice road workers
  • Distractions in the vehicles while drivers are driving (i.e., cell phones, conversations, other people or electronic devices which might distract them from driving)
  • Drivers who drive right, and then try to force themselves in at the last second. If the driver next to them isn’t letting them in, the driver who does this can endanger the lives of the workers and also the other drivers.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me in Bayonne NJ

Did you get hit by a car while trying to get on the highway? Were you involved in a road accident near a construction zone? Are you a pedestrian who’s been injured? You need personal injury attorney on your side.

Our attorneys at Ellis Law are trained to resolve all personal injury matters. We know it’s not easy driving in Bayonne (or anywhere else for that matter), but with over twenty years of experience on our side, we will use our keen abilities and perception to your greatest benefit in the courtroom.

At Ellis Law, we like to care of our clients and treat them like family. There’s no cap as to how far our legal professionals will go to serve our clients in Bayonne, which is why we proudly proclaim our full-time availability to each and single one of them.

Our legal professionals earn their reputations every single day. We provide a free initial consultation for our clients. To schedule a meeting, contact us online or call our office toll free at 888-355-4752. We have offices in Freehold, across Hudson County, and throughout New York and New Jersey, including Bayonne.

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