Employment Discrimination Attorney in New Jersey

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects employees of New Jersey from unlawful
discrimination in the workplace. The law makes employers held accountable in the case that they
discriminate against employees based on factors such as age, sex, religion, skin color, sexual
orientation, or marital status.
The law protects not only employees in the state of New Jersey but also people seeking
employment. The law holds all employers, labor organizations and employment agencies
accountable. Unfortunately, independent contractors are not covered by the NJLAD.
If you’re unsure if you’re covered by the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, please call
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Filing a Discrimination Claim
You can file a discrimination claim with either the state administrative agency, the New Jersey
Division on Civil Rights (DCR), or the federal administrative agency, the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
If your workplace has between 1 and 14 employees, it’s advisable that you file with the DCR,
because the EEOC only covers workplaces with 15 employees.
Filing with the DCR is not required to pursue a discrimination claim in court, but if you lack an
attorney, the DCR may be able to assist you in resolving your claim without filing in court. DCR
complaints must be filed within 180 days of the date you believe you were discriminated against.
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Contact the Law Offices of Herbert I. Ellis If You’ve Faced EmploymenDiscrimination
Being discriminated against in the workplace without a valid reason is a serious issue. If you’ve
dealt with an employer who discriminated against you due to your race, religion, sexual
orientation, or any other factor that was irrelevant to your work performance, you might have a
legal case against your employer. Call our team of legal professionals today at 888-355-4752,
and we’ll help you sort your issue.

Young Woman Dies in I-80 Car Accident in Warren County

Peiran Chi, a 20-year-old woman who was a passenger in a Mercedes Benz, died on Monday in a collision with another car in the westbound lanes of Interstate 80. Chi was a rear passenger in the Mercedes, among two other occupants—the driver and a front passenger—both of whom suffered minor injuries. An initial report said that the Mercedes spun out of control, hit a guardrail, flipped over and struck several trees off the highway. The Mercedes had apparently caught fire, but the driver and front passenger escaped before the fire ignited. Chi was thrown out of the Mercedes after the crash with the Mitsubishi, and was pronounced dead at the scene

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A 27-year-old man was killed when a garbage truck rolled off a Route 440 ramp and struck two cars.
Brian Claussen, from Old Bridge, died after the crash which occurred at 5 p.m.
The crash caused massive backups on roads that are normally already jammed that time of day.
A man driving ahead of the truck saw the scene unfold in his side-view mirror. The truck went up
a hill and traveled about 20 feet before overturning onto the two other vehicles, according to
Michael Lynch.
Lynch pulled over to one of the vehicles crushed by the truck, but was unable to free the trapped
Lynch rushed to the other vehicle, where with the help of another bystander he helped free a
young passenger from a back seat. That person did not appear badly hurt, Lynch said.