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How to Drive Safe on Halloween?

Posted on: October 25, 2022

Halloween is a festive occasion for people of all ages. While some prefer to celebrate at home, others take to the streets, for fairs, parades, and trick-or-treating. Still more may drive to or from Halloween parties and events.

While full of revelry, Halloween is also full of hazards, such as dark costumes that are less visible at night and under-supervised children who may engage in reckless behavior, such as darting into the street. Other dangers include inebriated or distracted driving. By taking several precautions in mind, one can enjoy Halloween in peace.

How Can Pedestrians Stay Safe on Halloween?

If possible, enjoy festivities during the daytime, when outdoor visibility is stronger. For pedestrians traveling after sunset, keep to brightly lit areas whenever possible. Carrying flashlights or glowsticks will help others see you in locations where streetlights are scarce.

Pay attention to children under your care. Ensure they keep their eyes open for approaching vehicles. Have them walk, rather than run when crossing streets. Promote safety practices such as utilizing a buddy system where children look out for one another.

Children and adults alike should remember safe travel procedures. This includes staying on sidewalks wherever possible. If none are available, keep as close to the side of the road as possible. Cross the street at clearly marked intersections rather than the middle of the road. Obey traffic signs and signals.

What are the Safest Costumes to Wear on Halloween?

When choosing costumes for yourself and your children, aim for brightly colored outfits. If you or your children prefer darker attire, use reflective tape or trim, or carry a flashlight or glowsticks. Make sure any masks don’t obstruct vision, or wear face paint instead. Check whether skirts, capes, prop swords or other long pieces are tripping hazards and modify accordingly.

What Can Drivers do to Stay Safe on Halloween?

Drinking interferes with judgement, behavior, and reaction times, making driving dangerous for both the motorist and others. If you plan on drinking this Halloween, stay home, use a designated driver or a taxi service. Should you encounter a drunk driver on the road, notify the police.

Motorists should move at a slower than usual pace to account for extra pedestrians on the streets, especially in residential neighborhoods where trick-or-treating is popular. Pay special attention when pulling out of driveways, turning, or approaching intersections or low visibility areas. Be aware that pedestrians may walk out from shrubbery, the middle of the sidewalk or other unexpected locations.

As pedestrians are more likely to behave unpredictably, it is especially important to reduce distractions while driving. To help keep your eyes and ears focused on the road, turn off your radio and ignore your phone and other electronics. Refrain from eating while driving, and avoid looking through candy bags until after the car has come to a complete stop.

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