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How To Avoid Getting a DUI on Black Wednesday?

Posted on: November 16, 2022

Whether you call it “Black Wednesday” or “Thanksgiving Eve” the Wednesday night before Turkey Day is seen by many as a time for pre-holiday festivities. While it is fine to enjoy yourself, too much alcohol consumption can lead to poor judgement, car accidents, and fatalities. It is estimated that there are 36 DUI deaths on an average day the United States, but that number jumps to 45 between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, starting on Black Wednesday. Planning ahead to avoid a DUI can save you from having to pay fines and other unpleasant consequences.

What Makes Black Wednesday So Dangerous for Drivers?

The night before Thanksgiving is known to be the busiest night of the year for clubs and bars. People are off from work for the long weekend and college students are arriving home for the holiday, ready to let loose. Many of those clubs and bars have special Black Wednesday events, where they offer special drinks, special prices, and even drinking contests.

Given this kind of party atmosphere, it is not surprising that some people might overindulge. Some have not drank for a while, and others try new drinks that they are not used to: It is hard to judge the alcohol content in unfamiliar drinks, and planning to have a drink or two can easily turn into four or five. Other risk factors for Black Wednesday include inexperienced drivers who drink too much, poor visibility in the dark, icy roads, and other DUI drivers on the roads.

How Can I Avoid a Black Wednesday DUI?

You can expect law enforcement will be out on this night: taking backstreets to evade them is not a good strategy. Plan ahead if you plan to be out, for your safety and others who share the roads. The first option is to simply not drink alcohol, which can be challenging if everyone around you is imbibing.

The next option for avoiding a DUI is a popular one: have someone else do the driving. Find someone you trust to serve as that evening’s designated driver. Otherwise, use an Uber or Lyft but keep in mind that there may be surge pricing. You may be able to cut down on the costs by sharing the ride with a friend but be sure to set up the ride ahead of time since these services get busy this time of year, though surge pricing for a rideshare will never cost as much as a DUI might.

Other Ways to Avoid DUIs

Parents who have teen and young adult drivers might expect their charges to drink on Black Wednesday. To prevent kids from getting in DUIS, parents can offer to pay for the Uber or to come pick them up at any time, no questions asked. Staying at a friend’s house can be an option, but only if they are within walking distance of where the festivities are taking place or if the friend is a designated driver. It is illegal for minors under 21 to drink, but you as a parent or guardian can still impart this wisdom to them.

Staying at a nearby hotel can also work, and you can split the costs with others if they are willing to share the room. Hosting the party will also keep you off the roads, although more work will be involved on your part. You may also want to allow guests to stay the night if they are too drunk to drive.

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