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Criminal Sexual Contact

Criminal sexual contact refers to any criminal activity of a sexual nature. A criminal sexual contact allegation is a very serious issue and convictions can include significant jail time, community supervision for life, and Megan’s Law registration.

New Jersey Criminal Sexual Contact Law

According to New Jersey State Law, a charge of criminal sexual contact is a Fourth Degree Offense; a lesser charge of sexual assault consisting of “intentional touching by the victim or actor, either directly or through clothing, of the victim’s or actor’s intimate parts of the purpose of degrading or humiliating the victim or sexually arousing or sexually gratifying the actor.” The charge of aggravated criminal sexual contact is a Third Degree Offense. An individual is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the following circumstances:

  • Criminal Sexual Contact

An individual is guilty of criminal sexual contact if commits an act of intentional touching of intimate parts by either the victim or the defendant for the purposes of sexual gratification or degradation. Intimate parts include the genital or anal areas, sexual organs, inner thigh, buttock, groin, or breast.

  • Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact

An individual is guilty of aggravated criminal sexual contact if they commit a sexual act in any of the following circumstances:

  • The actor is related to the victim through blood or affinity to the third degree
  • Through their legal, occupational, or professional status the actor has disciplinary or supervisory power over the victim
  • The actor is a parent, family guardian, or stand in loco parentis in the household

A conviction of the lesser charge of a Fourth Degree criminal sexual contact can result in a maximum jail sentence of 18 months. A conviction of Third Degree criminal sexual contact (aggravated criminal sexual contact) can result in 3 to 5 years in state prison. In addition to potential jail time, a guilty plea or a conviction for either of these charges can expose an individual to Megan’s Law registration requirements as well as community supervision for life.

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