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Hackensack Personal Injury Attorneys

Like all cities in New Jersey, Hackensack is prone to a wide range of motor injury accidents. Motor injury accidents can have several causes, including distracted driving and road conditions.

Contrary to what you might think, drunk driving, speeding, blowing a red light or even teenage drivers are not the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents on American roadways.  Distracted drivers are.  Examples of distractions include cell phone use, fatigue, playing with the audio system, reading, and eating/drinking.

Road conditions that affect motor vehicle accidents include potholes, poorly monitored highway construction zones, poor road design, and inclement weather such as heavy rain, hail, snow and ice storms, high winds and fog.

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Hackensack Traffic Division

The Traffic Division of Hackensack is responsible for targeted motor vehicle enforcement, investigation of fatal accident as well as hit and run accidents.  The Hackensack Traffic Division also monitors all municipal parking lots, and the issuing of violations therein as well as collection of fees for monthly renters of municipals lots. This Division also handles the scheduling of officers for road construction as well as utility work which requires the altering of traffic patterns.

The Traffic Division also is in charge of the H-COPS (Hackensack Community Officer Partnership) program, which is made up of volunteers who assist with special events in such areas as traffic and crowd control.  While performing minor enforcement tasks such as issuing motor vehicle parking summonses.

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Did you get hit by a car while trying to get on the highway? Were you involved in a road accident? You need a vehicle wreck lawyer on your side.

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