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Hoboken Personal Injury Attorneys

Over 114 people were injured in the Hoboken train crash which occurred during morning rush
hour. Our attorneys at Ellis Law extended their deepest sympathies to
the victims of the crash, and offered a free consultation to all personal injury victims.
Soon after the crash, a train engineer who witnessed the crash spoke to reporters. The engineer
from Bear, Delaware, has been piloting freight trains for 17 years for the Norfolk Southern rail
system and was on special duty in Hoboken on Friday. He told reporters that he was at a
downtown Dunkin Donuts when he heard a loud noise, almost like a bomb – that was the sound
the train made after plowing through a barrier and into a wall.
Instead of running away from the danger and the commuters fleeing the rail station, the engineer
ran toward it to help victims. He was one of the first people to see the engineer of the crashed
train, who was slumped over in his seat, leading the freight train engineer to wonder if he had a
heart attack or passed out.
When asked by reporters why the train did not stop, the veteran engineer said that on most trains
the engineer has to trigger an automatic stopping system at least 30 seconds before the train is
expected to arrive at a station.
Our Hoboken personal injury attorneys at Ellis Law are always glad to
assist you, whether you’ve been injured in an auto crash, or a public transportation related
accident. We offer a free consultation, and are always ready to fight for your case in court.
A Bike-Friendly Town
Like Jersey City, Hoboken is considered a great place for bikers. The city is recognized as a
Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Cyclists, making Hoboken the
only municipality in New Jersey with the distinction of being recognized as both bike-friendly
and walk-friendly.
The City of Hoboken has been constantly expanding bicycle parking facilities. Since 2009,
bicycle parking capacity has increased by more than 50% and now exceeds 1,000. Bike parking
near the PATH has more than doubled during that time.
In December, 2011, the City of Hoboken installed its first self-service bike repair station,
becoming one of the first municipalities on the east coast with a public bike repair facility. The
bike repair service station behind the Bus Terminal adjacent to the PATH has a stand to hold a
bike, a hand-operated air pump, and basic tools including wrenches, screw drivers, and tire lever
for minor repairs.
Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Hoboken
Did you get hit by a car while trying to get on the highway? Were you involved in a road
accident? You need a vehicle wreck lawyer on your side.
Our attorneys at Ellis Law are trained to resolve all auto accident
matters. We know it’s not easy driving in Hoboken (or anywhere else for that matter), but with
over twenty years of experience on our side, we will use our keen abilities and perception to your
greatest benefit in the courtroom.
At Ellis Law, we like to care of our clients and treat them like family.
There’s no cap as to how far our legal professionals will go to serve our clients in Hoboken,
which is why we proudly proclaim our full-time availability to each and single one of them.
Our legal professionals earn their reputations every single day. We provide a free initial
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have offices in Freehold, across Hudson County, and throughout New York and New Jersey,
including Hoboken.
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