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Middletown Bus Accidents

Accidents can happen even at the hands of an experienced driver.

Buses are one of the most common means of transportation in the metropolitan areas of New York and New Jersey. Bus drivers face pressure every day when driving across bridges and into major cities. They need to follow pickup routes and pick their passengers up on time, only to face heavy traffic during morning rush hours. All of these factors can cause bus driver fatigue, or sleep apnea, which is the top highway killer in the U.S.

Bus accidents can also occur due to poor maintenance by the bus companies. Bus companies often ignore federal regulations, don’t provide enough training for their drivers, and don’t keep their fleets maintained. Buses require a great deal of upkeep and maintenance to keep them safely operating. Older school buses, motor coaches, and Greyhound buses that lack seat belts and other safety equipment may increase the risk of an accident.

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Middletown Motorcycle Accidents

According to the federal government, motorcycle accidents cause 35 more deaths in America than car accidents. Due to these statistics, motorcyclists often have to take higher precautions than drivers of regular vehicles.

Motorcycle accidents are caused by various factors such as left-hand turns, speeding and alcohol use, collisions between motorcycles and fixed objects, and dangerous road conditions.

If you’re a motorcyclist and you’ve been in a collision, it is always important to know your rights and how you are protected by your insurance company. Always make sure that you are covered for property damage, medical expenses, and most importantly that you are protected for personal injury. It may be the case that the person who caused the collision does not have adequate coverage to provide full compensation to you, the victim.

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Middletown Personal Injury Attorneys

At Ellis Law, we have over twenty years of experience in handling cases as diverse as car accidents, bus accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

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