Seat Belt Defects Lawyer 

When auto manufacturers provide vehicles with faulty seat belts, this can mean instant danger for whoever is driving in New Jersey. Seat belt failure can occur in various ways in NJ, including:

  • Seat belt latch failure: When a seat belt buckle unlatches inadvertently, causing inadvertent unlatching.
  • Spooling: When too much of the seat belt webbing is let out, causing movement in the occupant.
  • Retractor failure: When the lock or tightening of the seat belt should confine the occupant securely, but doesn’t.

Seat belt errors can be due to manufacture or assembly of a seat belt, or due to inherent flaws in the design. Some seat belts also don’t exhibit instructions or warning labels as needed.

Those using a defective seat belt can face injuries to the head, brain, chest, abdomen, spine or pelvis, legs, and arms. Victims can also suffer whiplash, internal bleeding, injuries to the body’s internal organs, and pinched nerves.

Signs of a Potential Seat Belt Defect:

When driving in NJ, be sure to watch out for these following signs of a possible seat belt defect:

  • More than one belted passenger sustained serious injuries during a collision
  • The injured occupant is unbelted but insists they were belted prior to the accident
  • A belted passenger makes contact with the windshield or is ejected out of the vehicle
  • A belted victim suffers injures in an accident with little vehicle damage
  • A seat belt is found torn or otherwise damaged following an accident

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