Although sports injuries rarely contribute to fatalities, the leading cause of death from sports-
related injuries is traumatic brain injury. Sports and recreational activities contribute to about 21
percent of all traumatic brain injuries among American children and adolescents.
Injuries in Football
Football is one of the most common sports where athletes suffer injuries. During the 2012
football season, there were five brain injuries that resulted in incomplete recovery. Four were at
the high school level and one was at the college level.
During the 2012 football season there were a total of three cervical cord injuries with incomplete
neurological recovery. One of the injuries occurred at the high school level and two at the college
Injuries in Boxing
Boxing is one of the most dangerous sports from a medical standpoint, because professional and
amateur boxers often suffer permanent brain damage. The force of a professional boxer’s fist is
equivalent to being hit with a 13-pound bowling ball traveling 20 miles per hour, or about 52
times the force of gravity.
According to the Journal of Combative Sport, from January of 1960 to August of 2011, there
were 488 boxing-related deaths. The journal attributes 66 percent of these deaths to head, brain
or neck injuries; one was attributed to a skull fracture.
Injuries in Snow Skiing/Snowboarding
According to a John Hopkins Medicine-led study, approximately 10 million Americans ski or
snowboard in the United States each year, with about 600,000 injuries reported annually. Severe
head trauma accounts for about 20 percent of all skiing- and snowboarding-related injuries, and
of those head injuries, 22 percent are severe enough to cause loss of consciousness or
concussion. Head injuries are the most frequent cause of death and severe disability among
skiers and snowboarders.
In 2011, New Jersey became the first state to require those under the age of 18 to wear a helmet
while skiing or snowboarding. Currently, there are no other state laws mandating helmets for
skiing or any winter sports.
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