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If you have been charged with robbery, burglary, shoplifting or another property crime in New Jersey or New York, you need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Property crimes can carry serious penalties for those who are convicted and will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record. At the Law Offices of Herbert I. Ellis, P.C., our theft and burglary defense lawyers will help you protect your rights and challenge the accusations against you.

With more than two decades of experience, criminal defense lawyer Herbert Ellis has helped thousands of clients find successful resolutions through passionate and aggressive representation. Our firm is committed to the needs of our clients and will provide the personalized attention, honest communication and dedicated service that they need to feel confident about their cases. Contact us at the Law Offices of Herbert I. Ellis and discuss your situation with an experienced attorney at a free initial consultation. We also make jail visits when necessary.

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Property Crimes in New York and New Jersey

Some theft and property crimes are considered municipal court offenses and carry less severe penalties than criminal offenses. These municipal property crimes include shoplifting and writing back checks. Other property crimes, however, are considered criminal offenses and convictions for these crimes may carry prison time, heavy fines and other significant criminal penalties. Criminal property offenses include:

  • Robbery: Theft of property or money through the use of physical force or threats of violence against a victim. If a deadly weapon is involved in the theft or the victim suffers an injury as a result of the robbery, the charge may be upgraded to aggravated robbery.
  • Burglary: Unlawful entry into any building (such as a home or business) with the intent to commit a crime. Typically in a burglary, unlike in a robbery, no victims are present. No physical breaking and entering is required for a burglary to have taken place.

Whether you have been arrested for a municipal property crime or a more serious criminal offense, it is always important to exercise your rights and to understand all of your defense options. At the Law Offices of Herbert I. Ellis, P.C., we will provide an honest assessment of your case and knowledgeable advice about going forward.

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