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At Ellis Law, our legal team knows that when someone hires a lawyer, they are putting their trust and their future in the hands of a legal advocate. That trust is returned by providing clients with personalized and courteous service that meets their individual needs. Clients are treated like family, and they are able to contact their lawyer at any time. They also know that their needs and questions will always be addressed in a timely, respectful manner.

Ellis Law was founded by Herbert I. Ellis in 1988 and serves all of New Jersey and New York. At The Law Offices of Herbert Ellis our goal is to get the best RESULTS FOR OUR CLIENTS.

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Our Five Step Process

Ellis Law operates using a Five Step Process that helps clients receive the best legal representation possible. While searching for a lawyer, clients should ensure that they receive all five of these services. As the Five Step Process commences, a client does not need to do anything but wait for their lawyer to reach out and explain the next steps.

Assemble a legal team. Ellis Law will assemble a legal team that can manage the case and bring a unique perspective to the proceedings. The legal team includes lawyers and support staff who help clients prepare for their trial or negotiations in a personal injury case. The team is available 24/7 if the client has questions or requires further support. Clients receive the contact information of everyone on the team and are given a plan for their case that is easy to follow.

The team investigates. The legal team investigates every case as thoroughly as possible. Clients who reach out for assistance often have some information about the case, but they do not have all the facts. It is the job of the legal team to find all the evidence required to litigate the case properly. The team will look at police reports, medical records, insurance policies, dashcam footage, security video, and will interview witnesses. The investigation does not stop because the discovery process in a lawsuit may bring more information to light. If the client has information that they can provide, a lawyer will ask them to supply that information as soon as possible.

The team takes up a full investigation that does not require additional assistance from the client. The client should not speak to anyone else about the case, and a lawyer should be present during any depositions or interviews. If the client is receiving phone calls, letters, or emails, they should ask their lawyer to look over everything.

Demand and negotiate. When a case comes together, the legal team will send a demand letter or request a meeting with the opposing side. This process helps the client uncover all the legal options that are available and choose the path that is most appropriate. The legal team also plans to negotiate aggressively to settle the case out of court. This helps close the case as quickly as possible; however, settling is not always an option.

Litigate when necessary. Ellis Law is made up of trial lawyers who are

willing to litigate the case, if necessary. Arguing the case in court allows the client to share all their information and get it on the record. Litigation does not stop with the initial trial. The legal team can appeal any decision and keep the case in court for as long as possible to help the client reach a favorable resolution.

The client does not pay unless the team wins. It can be difficult for victims or the accused to retain a lawyer because they believe it is too expensive. At Ellis Law, victims do not pay until their case has been won. Consultations are free, and there is often a way to help everyone no matter their financial situation.

With a record of success, Ellis Law uses this Five Step Process to ensure quality client care and the best possible results, no matter the situation.

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Our team at Ellis Law knows that when someone hires a lawyer, they put their trust and future in the hands of a legal advocate. We return that trust by providing personalized and courteous service that meets our clients’ unique needs. We strive to give our clients peace of mind knowing that they will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

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