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Traumatic brain injuries contribute to about 30% of all injury deaths in the United States. 153 people in the United States die from injuries related to TBI. If you’ve suffered a brain injury, call a personal injury attorney today at 888-355-4752.

Effects of traumatic brain injury include impaired thinking of memory, movement, sensation, or emotional functioning.

Traumatic brain injuries can be caused by a blow or bump to the head that disrupts the brain’s normal functioning. A traumatic brain injury can be caused by a car accident, a fall, or any other kind of accident that can cause damage to the head.

Brain injuries can range from mild injuries (which result in brief changes in mental status or consciousness) to severe injuries (an extended period of unconsciousness after the injury).

Mild brain injuries are often referred to as concussions.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury:

  • Falls, the leading cause of TBI, account for half of TBI-related hospital visits and deaths in the United States.
  • The second leading cause is being struck by an object, which account for 15% of hospital visits.
  • Motor vehicle crashes account for the third leading cause, accounting for 14% of hospital visits.
  • Intentional self-harm is the second leading cause of TBI-related deaths.

Risk Factors of Traumatic Brain Injury:

  • Hospitalizations were highest among persons 75 years or older.
  • Falls were the leading cause among children 0-14 years of age and adults 45 years of age and older.
  • Motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of hospitalizations for adolescents and persons 15-44 years of age.

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If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury, you deserve representation that is fair to you. Our personal injury lawyers have over 29 years of experience in defending clients with traumatic brain injuries. No matter what the cause of your injury is, we will stand beside you and ensure that you get the best compensation for your injuries. Call our team today at 888-355-4752.

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