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Ellis Law Firm for Your Real Estate Transaction

From conveyances to refinances, real estate is a complex area of law that should be entered into with the utmost care. Often it is the largest purchase a person can make where hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more)  change hands.  There are very specific contractual conditions that need to be adhered to when property is transferred. Those providing the funds (lenders) have their own sets of rules to consider in addition to the sales contract. Retaining a trained and seasoned attorney to help navigate these intricate undertakings is not only wise, but essential. The Ellis Law Firm provides experienced counsel and representation in all aspects of real estate law.

Residential Sales and Financing

When a client is ready to purchase a home, or refinance with a lender, we are there to protect his or her interests. From reviewing the sales contract to attending a closing, our attorneys take special care to protect your interests and minimize any potential exposure. Not only do we ensure your rights will be protected, we also expedite the collection and review of documents necessary to closing on time. This includes meeting conditions for free and clear title; making sure all inspections are performed and defects remedied; and negotiating the payment of outstanding  liens.

Commercial Property Transactions

New Jersey and New York are flourishing with commercial property. Landlords, developers, banks and finance companies are challenged by many regulations and statutes when selling, purchasing and leasing real property. The Ellis Law Firm is well-versed in the codes and ordinances governing commercial real estate. We make sure that all agreements–i.e. deeds, leases, insurance and loan documents–comply with existing laws, statutes and regulations with keeping the client’s business interests in mind. More than that, we help our clients to understand these complex rules to avoid future litigation. In addition, we give legal advice to those seeking variances from zoning boards or municipal planning commissions.


Land use conflicts, boundary encroachments and lease-breaking all happen. When disputes arise, The Ellis Law Firm will assertively negotiate on your behalf. Sometimes, however, negotiation break down and the matter goes to court. When litigation is necessary, we pursue your interests with complete professionalism and thorough preparation. From environmental issues to injury on the property, we possess years of experience before the courts. Whether a landlord or a tenant bears responsibility, we argue the case based on the facts and applicable law always keeping the best interests of our clients in mind and as our principle focus. Our extensive record of  success in the courts speaks for itself.

About Our Firm

Ellis Law represents lenders and borrowers in matters of payment delinquency and foreclosure. We can also provide counsel regarding easement rights and issues of eminent domain. Practicing in New Jersey and New York for over 30 years, Herbert I. Ellis and his associates have a lengthy history serving their clients with superior representation, not only with real estate concerns, but also in the areas of personal injury and criminal defense. Ranked highly for professional excellence by peers, this firm also maintains full accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.

We look forward to being your choice of legal representation for any of your future legal needs. Contact us online or call us at 888-ELLIS-LAW today.

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