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Truck Brake Failure Accidents: Common Causes

Posted on: August 17, 2023

Drivers in passenger vehicles are often intimidated by large trucks near them, and with good reason. A fully-loaded tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and takes up a lot of highway space. They often exceed speed limits, and the risk of truck brake failure accidents is real and can happen because of negligence.

Approximately 30 percent of commercial truck accidents are partly blamed on brake defects and failures. The systems are much more complex than those in other vehicles with hydraulic pressure lines. Those parts cannot handle large tractor-trailers – instead, these truck brake systems use compressors that route air pressure to tanks that apply pressure on the larger brakes. When overused, the air gets drained too fast, and the brakes do not get the pressure they need to work correctly.

Many truck drivers are self-employed and own vehicles, but trucking companies often employ them. The latter is responsible for maintaining and inspecting their fleet, so a brake failure could happen when those responsibilities are neglected. The problem might also be traced to a vendor, like a truck repair shop that did not replace the vehicle’s worn-out brakes when needed.

Other sources of truck brake failure include truck and parts manufacturers. Brakes can be built with defects that are not recalled. In some cases, defects are created during the original brake design process and are not discovered until after they have been installed and used.

As you might guess, establishing the source of a truck brake failure can be complicated since there are several possibilities. Trying to get answers is hard enough, but it is much more difficult when you are recovering from injuries and facing overwhelming medical bills. This is where an experienced truck accident lawyer may be able to assist.

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