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Do Semi-Truck Accidents Happen in Residential Areas?

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Trucks and other commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) bring to mind highways and open roads. In truth, they travel through many locations, including residential areas. CMVs associated with residential areas include buses, fire trucks, waste management trucks, delivery trucks and more. Sometimes other types of CMVs, like semi-trucks, appear in residential zones. In residential areas, it […]

What Causes Trucks to Hydroplane?

Freehold Truck Accident Lawyers at Ellis Law, P.C. Represent Victims of Hydroplaning Truck Accidents.

Hydroplaning occurs when the surface of the road becomes wet, and the rainwater mixes with oil residue on the road. These slippery conditions can cause vehicles to start skidding or sliding on the road. While you may assume that the massive weight of a large truck would help it maintain contact with the road’s surface, […]

How To Drive Safely Around Trucks?

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Even if you only drive occasionally, you can expect to share the road with large trucks. However, many drivers find it hard to know how to safely navigate when behind, alongside, or in front of trucks. Following some simple rules can make the experience easier and less risky. With the knowledge that truck accidents are […]