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How To Drive Safely Around Trucks?

Trust a Belmar Truck Accident Lawyer at Ellis Law, P.C. to Provide Advice After a Serious Crash Hurts You or a Loved One.

Even if you only drive occasionally, you can expect to share the road with large trucks. However, many drivers find it hard to know how to safely navigate when behind, alongside, or in front of trucks. Following some simple rules can make the experience easier and less risky. With the knowledge that truck accidents are […]

Do Trucks Have Safety Features like Cars to Prevent Accidents?

A New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer at Ellis Law, P.C., Can Help to Hold Liable Parties Accountable.

Tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks increasingly are using technology to help make them safer to drive on the nation’s highways and local roads. Many of the safety features are similar to ones commonly used in private passenger cars and other vehicles. If you are driving a recently built car, it might have blind-spot monitoring, adaptive […]

How To Avoid Truck Accidents?

Truck Accident Survivors Choose Ellis Law, P.C. New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers as Their Legal Representatives.

Every year, many drivers and passengers are involved truck accidents. The resulting personal injury and property damage can be more than just frustrating. It can be life-changing as well as life-ending. According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), around 5,000 fatal truck-related crashes happen each year. What makes truck accidents so […]