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Can a DUI Be a Criminal Offense?

Experienced Freehold Criminal Lawyers at Ellis Law Uphold the Rights of the Accused.

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol greatly could impair your ability to drive safely. Many people who drive while under the influence exceed posted speed limits, drift in and out of their rightful lane of travel, and are more likely to run red lights and stop signs. Because driving under the influence […]

Are DUI Arrests More Common in the Summer?

The Freehold DUI Lawyers at Ellis Law Help Drivers Facing DUI Charges.

Summer is the favorite time of year for many people: school is out, vacations are underway, and some of the country’s most celebrated holidays are during the summer as well. However, many of us see summer as a time to let loose and relax, sometimes with an alcoholic beverage. There are those that are irresponsible […]

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Can You Sue a Drunk Driver for Damages?

A Freehold Car Accident Lawyer at Ellis Law Helps You Recover When You Are Injured by a Drunk Driver.

Many people enjoy going out after work or for a good time out on a Saturday night with friends. There is no harm in having a good time, unless you choose to endanger other people by getting behind the wheel after having too many drinks. Too often, people either do not know their limits, or […]

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