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What You Should Know About Medical Liens in Personal Injury Settlements

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All personal injury settlements in New Jersey are subject to medical liens. Healthcare providers, hospitals, and insurance companies can all assert claims for a lien against your personal injury settlement for repayment of medical care costs. It is essential that accident victims retain an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer to help ensure any medical […]

Obtaining Medical Records in New Jersey

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Medical records are not only a critical aspect of your health care, but they should also be accessible for any potential legal proceedings. Your medical records are protected by federal and state laws because they contain a personal and detailed history of your health condition, treatments, and ongoing care. They are also used by other […]

What Are Average Car Accident Settlements for Neck and Back Injuries?

Freehold Car Accident Lawyers at Ellis Law Fight for Fair Compensation for Clients with Neck and Back Injuries

Car accidents can cause serious neck and back injuries, even if passengers are wearing their seatbelts. Pain, mobility problems, and even permanent disability are just a few possible complications of these types of injuries. Financial settlements provide compensation for injured parties who require costly medical care, cannot work, or have experienced a decline in their […]

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