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My Underage Child Committed a Crime: Now What?

underage child crime

Few things can be as frightening as an underage child being accused of committing a crime (also known as juvenile delinquency cases). Parents and caregivers in these situations are faced with confusion, anger, anxiety, fear, and a lot of important questions that need answering. What are the steps you need to take when your child […]

Can a DUI Be a Criminal Offense?

Experienced Freehold Criminal Lawyers at Ellis Law Uphold the Rights of the Accused.

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol greatly could impair your ability to drive safely. Many people who drive while under the influence exceed posted speed limits, drift in and out of their rightful lane of travel, and are more likely to run red lights and stop signs. Because driving under the influence […]

How Do I Obtain a Restraining Order?

Freehold Criminal Defense Lawyers at Ellis Law Represent Those Involved in Situations that Warrant a Restraining Order.

Domestic abuse frequently goes unreported or unresolved. Whether it comes in the form of physical violence, harassment, stalking, sexual assault, or terroristic threats, domestic violence can negatively impact a survivor’s well-being.  Besides physical harm, victims of domestic violence are often left with a sense of fear, depression, or anxiety. Many survivors of domestic violence are […]

Can You Get a Felony Expunged in NJ?

Freehold Criminal Lawyers at Ellis Law, P.C. Represent Those Who Qualify for Expungement.

Expungement can be a complicated matter. When a criminal record has been expunged, any record of that person’s criminal history is gone. On one hand, there are crimes that most people feel should be clearly visible to help keep members of society safe. On the other hand, there are crimes that most people feel are […]

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