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New Jersey Appoints Five to Cannabis Regulatory Commission

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy announced Thursday he filled all five appointments to the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The group will be responsible for setting rules and regulations for the recreational cannabis market, much like another group that was supposed to be established last year with the same oversight of medical marijuana but was not […]

What are the Defenses for Drug Distribution?

Drug-related charges in New Jersey are serious and carry stiff penalties, including fines and jail time. Some drug crimes can also be prosecuted under federal law depending on scale, location, type, and amount of drugs and money involved. No matter which authority makes the arrest or indictment, everyone has the right to legal defense. An […]

Are Bigger Screens in New Vehicles Dangerous?

In-vehicle infotainment screens are getting bigger, and they are becoming more distracting. Touchscreen interfaces that allow drivers to program navigation, listen to the radio, and make phone calls are supposed to help drivers stay off their phones while driving. However, these bigger, more technologically advanced screens in new vehicles may be doing just the opposite, […]