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How Dangerous Are Twin Trailer-Truck Accidents?

Posted on: January 16, 2024

When a massive commercial truck is involved in a truck accident with a passenger vehicle, the occupants of the passenger vehicle often suffer devastating or fatal injuries. If the truck involved is carrying a double trailer, the consequences can be particularly catastrophic.

Studies have shown that accidents involving twin-trailer trucks are 11 percent more likely to result in a fatality than accidents involving regular semi-trucks. There are several reasons why twin-trailer truck accidents are so devastating. These trucks are significantly larger than regular commercial trucks, which can cause considerably more property damage and severe injuries. In addition, they require much more energy and attention to operate, which can cause truck drivers to become fatigued more quickly. Studies show that the risk of an accident increases with every additional hour over six hours that a truck driver is behind the wheel. Drowsy driving is a common problem in the trucking industry and is particularly dangerous when a twin trailer is involved.

What Are the Common Causes of Twin-Trailer Truck Accidents?

The additional size and weight of a twin trailer and the fact that a junction attaches to the second trailer and connection can increase the risk of a truck accident. The following are additional examples of some of the common causes of twin-trailer truck accidents:

  • Twin trailers are significantly larger and heavier, making it more challenging to slow down or come to a complete stop before hitting another vehicle.
  • Twin trailers have much larger blind spots than regular commercial trucks.
  • Due to their massive size, it is more difficult for a truck driver to make safe lane changes when driving a truck with a twin trailer.
  • Since the weight is split between two trailers, the center where they connect is susceptible to bulging out or becoming unstable.
  • Twin trailers are more prone to jackknife accidents.
  • If the cargo is not loaded or secured correctly in the twin trailers, there is an increased risk of an accident.
  • More pressure on the tires and brakes can cause them to fail if improperly maintained and repaired.
  • Twin trailers put more stress on the brakes, steering column, and axles, which can contribute to failure.

Our New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers at Ellis Law Represent Victims of Twin-Trailer Truck Accidents

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