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Two Chevy Bolts Catch Fire – GM Urges Not to Park Indoors or Charge Overnight

Posted on: July 15, 2021

Auto manufacturer General Motors is telling owners of older model Chevrolet Bolts to park the cars outdoors and not to charge them overnight after two of the electric cars caught fire – one in New Jersey and one in Vermont.

Recall repairs had been made recently on both the vehicles that caught fire, as GM recalled Bolts made from 2017 to 2019 due to fires in the batteries.

The company is asking Bolt owners to continue with the precautions of parking the cars outdoors and not charging them overnight until the cause of these spontaneous fires is investigated and a repair is developed.

Thousands of Bolts were recalled last November after multiple reports of battery fires, one of which also set a house on fire. GM figured out that the batteries that caught fire were close to fully charged. The company has determined there was a manufacturing defect in battery modules, which caused a short in a cell and triggered the fires.

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